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New DVD Bible - WatchWORD BibleNew DVD Bible - WatchWORD Bible

(Newest 15 Slimline DVD Boxed Set) - The WatchWORD Bible New Testament $97 w/FREE Priority S&H!

God's Word, the New Testament from the Holy Bible, Comes to Life on DVD...

PHOTO - The WatchWORD Bible New Testament new 15 DVD Set

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This New 15 DVD set -- The Easiest Way to Read and Understand the Bible. This revolutionary word-for-word video New Testament will transform your life.

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Enjoy WatchWORD Bible on Your TV
(must have DVD player)
or On Your Computer - Great for the Whole Family (must have DVD drive)

FREE Bonus: When you order a set through us not only do you get FREE priority shipping, but at least 1 person accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior, as a portion of the purchase goes to support the JESUS Film. If you contribute $30 a month, at the end of the year 120 people will come to know Christ. CLICK HERE for more details.

PHOTO - The Watch WORD Bible The WatchWORD Bible New Testament
Don Wadsworth, Narrator
DVD (see order page for VHS pricing)
Normal Retail Price: $129.95
Online Price: $97 w/FREE Priority Shipping!

This New Testament Video Book Features:

  • All 27 Books of the New Testament
  • 26 hours on 15 DVD's (the newest release with slimline cases)
  • 260 Chapters
  • Word-For-Word Text from The Bible
  • Dramatic Narration
  • Over 130 Original Music Compositions to Uplift and Inspire
  • Filmed on location in the Holy Land, Middle East, and Europe
  • Digitally Produced for Optimal Picture and Audio Quality
  • Used the Internationally Popular Contemporary English Version (CEV) translation by the American Bible Society
  • Winner - Most Inspirational New York International Independent Film & Video Festival
  • Winner - Most Innovative New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

God's Word comes to life on DVD! The WatchWORD Bible is the easiest way to read and understand the Bible. Now available in this new 15 DVD video set.

Now you can get the award winning WatchWORD Bible New Testament on DVD at an incredible price - beautiful new packaging - it's in stock - and we ship it to you FREE via USPS Priority (2-3 days). We also have it in VHS videotape format (see our order page).

GRAPHIC - Acts - WatchWORD Bible - View Sample

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Dialup (283KB)

You'll get over 26 hours of quality video production like the short sample above but in DVD quality.

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PHOTO - Jim Fitzgerald - Founder, WatchWORD Bible
As seen on TV

Discover how fun and easy it is to read God's Word with The WatchWORD Bible! You watch it. Read it. Hear it. Word for word. The entire New Testament comes to life on video!

The WatchWORD Bible is an award-winning, state-of-the-art production combining incredible on-location video from the Holy Land, Middle East and Europe, with dynamic text, inspiring narration, hours of stirring music and dramatic special effects. The WatchWORD Bible makes Bible reading easy and enjoyable for adults, teens, and children alike. Order the world's first true VIDEO BIBLE today and transform your Bible reading!

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    - a Daughter from South Carolina

"Excellent item. Best price around... with Free shipping!"
    - a Homemaker from Michigan

"Fast shipping!! Great product!! I'm very pleased!"
    - a Mom from Idaho

"I have read through the Bible many times in my Christian walk. However, this experience has been life-changing in so many ways. Thank you for obeying God's call to create this masterpiece..."
    - a Senior Pastor

"My husband and I watch The WatchWORD Bible with our three children...It has revolutionized our devotional time! The words of the Bible come alive as we watch. My kids are glued to the TV...this video Bible is life-giving! It has made our devotional time much more meaningful."
    - a Mom

"A wonderful achievement! It is exciting to consider the possibilities of how God will use your efforts to draw untold numbers to Christ."
    - Bill Bright, Founder Campus Crusade for Christ International

"You are on the cutting edge of something that can make an incredible difference for the Kingdom of God."
    - Rev. Tony Campolo, Eastern College

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You've seen The WatchWORD Bible advertised on TV and it is the biggest, boldest, most innovative new Bible product in 500 years!

Over ten years in the making, this production brings the entire New Testament alive word-for-word on video. History's first true "Video Book," it's a remarkable new art form for the information age: You watch it, read it and hear it all at once so your retention of God's Word is increased dramatically!

This amazing DVD set contains all 27 books of the New Testament and each and every verse is presented with dynamic text on screen, inspiring narration, and supported visually by thousands of stunning on-location scenes, occasional actors, special effects, original music and sound effects. Once you start watching, you won't want to stop. Watch as much or as little as you want at a time—a chapter a day or more! DVD gives you instant chapter selection plus amazing quality. God's word leaps from the printed page to your television and computer—to make reading God's Word easier and more enjoyable than ever before!

PHOTO of The WatchWORD Bible - The Video Book of Revelation
Each DVD comes in it's
own slim-line DVD holder.

You can use The WatchWORD Bible on DVD for personal and family devotions, while exercising, to fill your children's minds with God's word, with seniors, the disabled, in churches, schools, Bible studies, in reading programs and for learning English as a second language, just to name a few uses for this powerful new tool. Every home and church should have a copy of The WatchWORD Bible New Testament!

Discover all 260 chapters of God's inspired Word (the New Testament) on 15 DVDs (over 26 hours). The Contemporary English Version (CEV) is used because it is a clear, modern, easy-to-read translation provided by the American Bible Society.

Free Priority Shipping & Handling: Your set will be shipped FREE via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days), please use our secure web order page or call our

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PHOTO - Entire 15 DVD WatchWORD Bible New Testament Set

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